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Gulf Coast Waterfront Solutions is the leading choice for both residential and commercial Marine Bulkhead & Seawall Construction and Repair in Texas and the Houston Bay area. GCWS offer a complete line of waterfront construction solutions including boathouses, marine bulkheads, seawalls, docks, piers, and gangways. We are also well versed in acquiring and expediting the state and local permits you will need to begin construction.


Seawall or marine bulkhead construction can be a very valuable investment to your residential, commercial, or marina property development. Whether itís to reduce land erosion or just wanting to enhance the visual of your property, Waterfront Solutions can install your bulkhead. We can embed a wide selection of seawall material such as aluminum, concrete, wooden, and vinyl sheet piling, depending on your desires. Interlocking vinyl sheet piling walls are available in a large range of style, thickness, and color ranging from light weight residential to heavy industrial.


Our workmanship features consists of whalers, face pilings, cement & rebar trenches for the tie back system, and hot dipped galvanized rods and hardware. All walls will be land filled; using water pumps for packing in order to reduce settlement. To enhance the aesthetics, top capping is offered in concrete, composite decking, aluminum, and vinyl to compliment your wall.


A seawall, also known as a bulkhead or retaining wall, is a defense to reduce the effects of strong waves and to defend coastal land from erosion. The term is typically used to describe walls built on the land parallel to the coast, but may also apply to breakwaters which are built in the water.


Marine Bulkhead & Seawall Construction and Repair


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